How big are TowBins?

TowBins are 2.52m at their widest point and 3.08m long.  Their overall height is 1.91m.

The bottom lip of the bin opening is 1.36m off the ground.

What do TowBins weigh?

TowBins weigh just 380kg when empty.

How much waste can TowBins hold?

TowBins have a waste capacity of 3m³, or 3000 litres.

For comparison; a single TowBin has the same capacity as 12 to 13 full-sized (240 litre) “wheelie bins”.


For weight limits and how to estimate the weight of your rubbish, see “Filling” section below.

What size items will fit in a TowBin?

The bin opening or ‘mouth’ of a TowBin is 1.79m by 1m.

Please break up items that are over 1.2m long, as long items can cause blockages when we tip out the waste.

Can I roll a TowBin into my garage?

TowBins will fit through a double garage door, but generally not a single.

Rolling a TowBin into your garage for a cleanup is a great way to make use of a rainy weekend, but you need to open the lids first as most garage ceilings aren’t high enough to flip open TowBin lids.


What is included in your rates?
Our rates include:
  • delivery (or you can Click and Collect),
  • TowBin hire for up to 7 days,
  • our collection of the TowBin from your address,
  • and the disposal of your waste in the TowBin.
  • (included disposal is subject to weight limit and hazardous waste exclusions)
    What payment methods do you accept?
    We offer payment by Visa, Mastercard, Online EFTPOS and POLi bank transfer. Online POLi
    Can I book in advance?

    Sure, you can book your TowBin up to 3 months out (subject to availability).

    We're doing a flood/fire cleanup, can you charge to my insurer?
    We have a couple of options for this, check out our insurance claims page here
    Are you registered as a WINZ supplier?
    Yes we are. On our MSD page here you’ll find a form you can fill out and we’ll email you a WINZ quote.


    Can you deliver a TowBin today?

    Yes, provided you book before 3pm.

    Can you deliver to steep/difficult properties?

    We deliver to some very difficult properties.  We are not limited to flat, level sites with firm access, nor do we require large overhead clearances.

    If you would like to confirm that we can service your difficult site, please contact us with your address and access details prior to booking.

    Do I need to be home?

    You don’t need to be home, just let us know in your booking notes where you’d like the TowBin dropped and make sure any access gates are left unlocked.

    Click & Collect

    What are the Click & Collect requirements?

    If you’ll be towing a TowBin yourself, the main ones are –

    • Your car must have a current WOF to tow a TowBin
    • The hirer (or driver) must have a current restricted or full licence to tow a TowBin.  Sorry, learner drivers are not covered by our insurer.

    For full terms please visit our Terms page

    Where and when is Click & Collect available?

    In Nelson, ‘Click & Collect’ is from 24 Titoki Street in Stoke, between 7am and 9pm, 7 days a week.


    TowBin Click & Collect is contactless; after you’ve completed your online booking you’ll receive a confirmation email with the gate access code, just take the TowBin at the front of the queue.

    The collection point is in a residential area, so please be mindful of noise when collecting early or late!

    Can I Click & Collect today?

    Yes, once you’ve completed your Click and Collect booking you can collect immediately.

    Can I tow a TowBin with my Mazda Demio/Toyota Starlet
    Yes. Almost any car with a towbar can safely tow an empty TowBin.  Very few vehicles have a tow capacity less than 380kg (the empty weight of a TowBin).
    Can I tow a TowBin with my work truck?
    Yes. The trailer lights on TowBins are multi-volt; they will work with both 12v and 24v electrical systems.
    What size towball do I need on my car?

    TowBins have dual-fit couplings that connect to both sizes of NZ towball (1-7/8″ and 50mm).

    What trailer light plug do I need?

    TowBins are fitted with flat 7 pin trailer lighting plugs (the most common type in New Zealand).

    If your vehicle has a round plug, please consider purchasing a converter such as this one from SuperCheap Auto Narva trailer adaptor-7pin round to 7pin flat

    What is the towball weight of a TowBin?

    12kg when empty, and 34kg when the TowBin is loaded to maximum weight.

    Can I take a TowBin off-road?

    Down an unformed driveway?  Yes.

    Quietly across a paddock to the rubbish pile?  Yes, mild off-road use on the hirer’s property is covered.

    Thrashing along 4WD-only tracks or terrain?  No.

    Driving through rivers, lakes, ocean, estuaries etc?  No.


    Is there a weight limit?

    TowBins can carry up to 600kg of waste.

    I don't know how much my rubbish weighs!!??

    That’s ok, most people don’t.


    A full TowBin load (3000 litres) of general household waste usually weighs about 400kg, so to exceed the 600kg limit would require a very unusual mix of domestic waste.


    Green waste load weights do vary significantly by how dense and how damp the material is.  Generally speaking though, if any grass clippings are as dry as possible and don’t comprise more than half the total load, you will be under the limit.


    Most loads of business waste will also be less than the 600kg limit, but if you have concerns please feel free to check with us before hiring.

    How can I gauge the weight while loading?

    Just look underneath your TowBin and check the gap between the top of the axle and the centre ‘rib’ of the green bin.

    Centre rib 5 mm from touching axle = 450kg

    Centre rib sitting firmly on axle = 600kg

    What cannot go in a TowBin?

    Some waste types are restricted by regional councils and landfill rules. 

    The following items cannot go into TowBins –

    • Concrete
    • Soil
    • Rock
    • Brick
    • Car tyres

    Also hazardous waste including but not limited to:

    • Plant and pest sprays
    • Waste oil
    • LPG bottles
    • Chemicals
    • Wet paints and wood stains
    • Vehicle batteries (see other FAQ)
    What about building/demolition waste?

    General building waste is fine, just no hardfill etc.

    Please be sure to break up long items and sheet material into pieces shorter than 1.2m so they don’t block the skip when we tip it out.

    Can I put asbestos in a TowBin?

    No.  For useful information on how to identify and dispose of asbestos, see here – asbestos.pdf

    Can you take car batteries?
    Car batteries cannot go into TowBins, but we will collect them if you place them next to the TowBin or on the drawbar mesh. We deposit all car batteries for recycling, with the proceeds going to KidsCan


    How long can I keep a TowBin?

    Up to 7 days.

    I finished quicker than expected, can you collect my TowBin early?

    We can bump your collection up to the next available slot in our pickup schedule, but please note that collections already booked for that day will take precedence.


    Just send a text message to (022) 500 4900 with the TowBin’s number plate, your surname, and the word ‘Done’. eg : 89M23 Brown Done


    My place is hard to find / My parking area is obscured, etc...

    No problem, just leave us a detailed note in the ‘delivery/collection instructions’ section during your booking.

    Will you be bringing a heavy truck onto my property?

    No, our collection vehicles are all utes weighing under 3 tonne.